Fully Alive in Christ
Acts 17 - The Gospel in the Marketplace - Ryan Rhoden
July 3, 2022
When Paul went to Athens, he was met with a culture that was unfamiliar to Jesus, the mosaic covenant and any Jewish history. How did Paul bring the gospel to his audience and what principles can we learn as we engage our own neighborhood, school, nation to the truth of the Gospel?

00:00 - Our faith journey is meant to be communal
02:53 - Paul goes to the  Jewish community
07:14 - Who is king over your heart?
10:05 - Finding hearts that are open to the gospel
12:13 - When Paul was Distressed
15:57 - Paul introduces the Gospel to the Athenians
19:13 - Don’t fight unnecessary battles
24:30 - Be a student wherever you are
27:18 - Creative used things within the culture to open hearts
32:26 - Call people back to a God that could be known
35:39 - Letting people know how deeply loved by God they are
37:28 - Closing