Fully Alive in Christ
The Gift of the Body of Christ - Andy Southmayd
November 13, 2022
Jesus demonstrated love tangibly, clearly, and boldly. He has formed a unique and diverse people into a tangible, clear and bold demonstration of His love. Able to cross all borders, boundaries and divisions. The Body of Christ is a gift and a mission all at once.

07:42 - Andy's Story
11:33 - What is the body of Christ?
13:01 - Jesus as the Source
15:52 - The Body of Christ is a Gift
19:27 - Compassion Incarnate
22:58 - Helping Each Other Grow
24:44 - What does living as one BODY look like?
27:25 - There is a design to his placement
28:41 - We don't get to choose the design of the body
30:46 - You are not half a person
34:19 - Confronting Cycles of Comparison
36:37 - The Body of Christ Bridges the Gap
41:40 - How we grow together matters
45:12 - A Giant Redemption Story
48:56 - So how are we to respond today?
51:37 - Ministry Time