Fully Alive in Christ
Acts 16 - Spirit-Led Community - Ryan Rhoden
June 12, 2022
To be a COMMUNITY OF TRANSFORMATION, we must be Spirit-led. The early disciples were operating in GRACE (undeserved supernatural favor) because they HAD A DIRECTIVE FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD. We must not discount the ways that God wants to speak to us, to you. He shows up for us - to lead and guide us. When we believe the Spirit of God is alive and active today, and we are CONSTANTLY IMMERSED (“baptized”) in Him, we must learn to OPEN OUR LIFE to being “SPIRIT-LED”.

00:00 - What does it look like for us to go?
02:33 - The Empowerment of Grace
04:48 - How God uniquely talks to you
09:30 - Releasing People into Freedom
12:46 - You Can Deconstruct Here
13:38 - Learning to be Spirit-Led
16:40 - We Speak to the Spiritual Things
20:40 - The Context of Salvation
22:16 - Being Led out from Captivity
24:48 - Being Led for Fruitfulness
26:47 - Being Led with Power and Authority
27:36 - Being Led to Remain in the Conflict
31:55 - Closing