Fully Alive in Christ
Questions & Answers - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Ryan Rhoden
September 11, 2022
You can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Most of us avoid conflict in the name of Christianity; ignore our anger, sadness, and fear; use God to run from God; and live without boundaries. In this series we will learn biblical integration of emotional health and the spiritual practice of slowing down and quieting our life to experience a fully alive relationship with Jesus, with ourselves, and with others.

00:00 - Intro

01:22 - Using The Love Languages

06:48 - Question 1: If I do this, everything comes apart. How do I do this in normal life?

14:53 - Question 2:  I want to stop feeling, not feel more. How do I stop feeling?

24:16 - Question 3: What are some tools to differentiate from reactionary responses we pull from our past, and move into future-focused transformational choices & behaviors?

30:39 - Question 4: As I pursue who God is calling me to be, I am changing and in the process the people and things I used to enjoy are changing and I talk and think differently… how do I determine who or what is appropriate to cut out or put in as the transformation continues?

39:38 - Question 5: How do you navigate a marriage in which your spouse cannot share their emotions?

44:03 - Questions 6: How do you go through a time period of pain/disappointment/grief/anger at God and deconstruction but stay in health?

47:59 - Question 7: How does an emotionally healthy person respond to a "bad thing happening to a good person?"

51:07 - Question 8: I am stuck in a cycle. Why do I keep hitting the same patch again and again?

52:41 - Question 9: When the Lord peels back another layer of something you thought you’d already healed from, how do you heal and move forward?

54:38 - Question 10: How do I not let a quest for emotional health turn into overthinking my faith?

56:52 - Conclusion