Fully Alive in Christ
Restored Inheritances - Ryan Rhoden
March 13, 2022
The enemy, through circumstances, conditioning, self-doubt, comparison, and learned expectation, works diligently to program our minds to feel UNWORTHY and UNABLE to walk in the power of God here on earth...and to convince us that's normal. No one leaves here today with an UNCLAIMED INHERITANCE…or believing you have squandered the gifts, calls, and anointing that are on your specific life. No one leaves here feeling disqualified. Get up out of the mud. Sometimes it’s not how He pursues you…it’s how He receives you that changes your life. WHEN YOU COME HOME, IT’S NOT TO AN ANGRY FATHER. It’s for restoration. To an EMBRACE AND KISS. A ROBE, RING, SANDALS AND A PARTY.