Fully Alive in Christ
Rhythms of Identity - Ryan Rhoden
January 22, 2023
In order for us to walk in our God given identity, we must FIRST have an understanding of who He is. Identity is the EXPRESSION of our INTIMACY with God, and the revelation we carry of who He is. Our beginning point is a REVELATION of God and INVITING HIM into our reality - messy, broken, whatever - And discovering a God of LOVE.
00:00 - Identity flows from Intimacy
05:00 - What did Jesus Accomplish?
09:54 - How Jesus transforms us to be more like Him
18:08 - Why this core belief affects your behavior
21:50 - Who do you say that I am?
26:14 - What the enemy is really after
31:20 - Finding our identity in the eternal
35:00 - The gift of the wilderness
37:26 - Confronting the lies about your identity
38:55 - Ministry Time