Fully Alive in Christ
The Gift of Lament - Bo Stern-Brady
November 8, 2021
This week, we are honored to have Bo Stern-Brady. Bo is a friend of ours in ministry from way back. We have been loved and encouraged by her over the years, and we can’t wait for you to meet her! Bo is a pastor, speaker, and author (newlywed, mom, and grandma!) She has written three excellent books, “Ruthless,” “When Holidays Hurt,” and “Beautiful Battlefields.” “Beautiful Battlefields” is a great book and we cannot recommend it highly enough! She wrote it after her own fierce and unexpected battle when her husband Steve was diagnosed and later died from ALS. We believe that her walk with Jesus through those battles and the fires, in grief and loss, will speak directly to our communal and individual lament and infuse our hearts with hope that we are not alone, even amid the darkest moments.