Fully Alive in Christ
Do We Really Want this Kingdom? - Ryan Rhoden
March 12, 2023
Kingdom over everything. Jesus said "seek first my Kingdom." He preached "repent, for my Kingdom is at hand!" What is the Kingdom? How do we seek it? How do we find it? How do we build it? These are vital questions as followers of Jesus This is no time to get our priorities mixed up! God's Kingdom is expanding and moving - Are we seeing, sensing and joining in?
00:00 - Seek first the Kingdom
05:24 - You Cannot Serve Two Masters
08:30 - A Radical Act of Faith
09:51 - How the kingdom expands
11:45 - Do We Really Want this Kingdom?
17:02 - Justice in the Kingdom
25:35 - Serving in the Kingdom
28:14 - Repentance in the Kingdom
32:40 - A Supernatural Transformation
36:21 - Who is Truly The King of Your Life?