Fully Alive in Christ
Acts 16 - Being a Community of Transformation - Ryan Rhoden
June 26, 2022
Acts tells the story of how the early church was born, grew together, was scattered, and then spread the story of Jesus everywhere they went (Acts 8:4). We want Living Waters to be one big community of transformation, but how would that happen if our “big” community wasn’t also made up of a bunch of small, healthy, Jesus-looking groups of people passionate to know Him and make Him known? That’s how God used a small group of followers number about 150 people to change the world, and that’s how he’ll use YOU to keep it going!

00:00 - Being Honest with my process
04:23 - When our faith is revealed
06:41 - Peter Walked on Water Twice
09:06 - On the way back to the boat
10:30 - What is Communities of Transformation
16:12 - Following God is not easy
17:20 - Bringing God into everything
19:35 - Turning battle fields into mission fields
21:30 - Being led by the Lord
30:35 - Community Life Sunday
35:04 - Building healthy connection
39:25 - Calling people home in to community