Fully Alive in Christ
Holding the Door Open - A Father's Day Message - Niesje Lenae
June 20, 2021
Within our STORIES lies the power we need to overcome. Some of us struggle to recognize the overcoming power in our own story, as so many of them still hold loose ends, moments of intense loss, or perhaps unanswered questions. Paul so beautifully reminds us that it is “in our weakness” that Jesus is seen and made strong – and therefore we can boast in our weakness! It is often our own stories of brokenness and pain that Jesus rides in with overcoming power. Are there parts of your story that feel unfinished, pending, or irredeemable? “What was that about God?” “Where are you in this?” Are there seasons of pain or loss that have yet to be filled with Jesus’ strength, comfort, and healing perspective? I want to share a piece of my own story with you regarding my journey with fathering. Father’s Day can be tinged with questions, memories and grief for so many of us and whether we had amazing or broken dads – we all feel the effects of our relationship with them on our connection with God. I want to share with you my raw journey of both pain and healing and let you in on the continually unfolding miracle of how Jesus has healed and met me. I pray that the Holy Spirit would meet you in a deep healing of places that still feel muddied or confusing in your own journey, and that His Spirit would ignite you with Hope for the story He is telling through your life. “And they overcome by blood of the lamb and the WORD of their testimony…” Revelation 12:11