Fully Alive in Christ
Joseph in Potiphar's House - Ryan Rhoden
February 21, 2021
Joseph’s story is a STORY OF LOSS. He loses the protection and favor of his father. He loses the respect and love of His family. He even loses his position in Potiphar’s house. But what remained? His identity. Living as a son, even when distanced from his father and family. What was put into him remained intact…(What our father puts in us is unshakeable). Where we draw our identity is established in difficulty, but testing also reveals where it is rooted. For Joseph, he remained rooted in his. It’s one thing to know who you are when things are good, because it’s theoretical. But when a trial hits, the truth is revealed. Joseph was living in his father’s favor and resources, but the events that came against him required him to choose to continue to live in that identity, regardless of what was going on around him. Watch as Ryan continues our series, From the Prison to the Palace: A Series on the Life of Joseph.