Fully Alive in Christ
Weeding the Garden - Drew Berryessa
January 9, 2022
What do you look like FULLY ALIVE in Jesus? In John 10:10, Jesus told us that while we may have an enemy who wants to “steal, kill and destroy,” He came to “give life to the fullest, abundant and overflowing!” His heart is that you and I would be “fully alive,” in His infinite, resurrection life that springs from the everlasting well of God — right now and into eternity. As a church community, we set aside the first 12 Sundays of each year to explore what we believe are the three foundations of a “full life” in Christ. Our INTIMACY with God through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Our new IDENTITY through the resurrection life of Jesus Christ. The INHERITANCE we carry and release because we are reconciled to our Good Father.