Fully Alive in Christ
Recognizing Lament in Light of Sin - Drew Berryessa
October 31, 2021
Lament is exercising our ability to feel sadness and grieve by giving time, space, voice and expression to our deep sorrow over pain, loss, and disappointment. Lamenting is admitting that there are parts of ourselves and our lives that are undone, feeling them, and inviting God into them - because when God is with us in it, being undone does not mean we are unsafe or unprotected! Everything that we lament in this life is rooted in the fact that sin broke the world and it broke humanity and it broke the perfect relationship we have with our Father. When sin entered in, it broke the communal picture of what God intended for us. In this message, we will walk through recognizing lament in light of sin. Watch Drew as he unpacks this topic for us and how we should engage our hearts and minds with the Father.