Fully Alive in Christ
An Introduction to Lament - Ryan & Kate Rhoden
October 24, 2021
Lament is exercising our ability to feel sadness and grieve by giving time, space, voice and expression to our deep sorrow over pain, loss, and disappointment. Lamenting is admitting that there are parts of ourselves and our lives that are undone, feeling them, and inviting God into them - because when God is with us in it, being undone does not mean we are unsafe or unprotected! We believe it's okay to be sad as we look at all the things we have been through as a church and community, and the things we have all been through individually. We are in this together, and that means we can grieve together. If you are feeling the intensity of this season and you'd like to join us in connecting with God in our pain, loss and disappointment before we head into a New Year, we invite you to engage with us the next several weeks. We will have lots of different types of daily content as well as guest speakers coming in to guide us along the way. But step one is to watch this introduction to a season of Lament from Ryan and Kate. We are with you as we embrace sadness, sit with it, gently and patiently find its source, and allow God to meet us.