Fully Alive in Christ
Acts 21-23 - Living in the Grace of Purpose - Ryan Rhoden
September 18, 2022
What are we looking for in Acts? Principles we can pull into our present as we observe what a transformational community looked like, and how it grew. They were transformed, to carry transformation. This movement was more like a seed that grew. There wasn’t a cultural or political revival or turning. It was a small “boom” (Acts 2) within a certain community but off the radar.
00:00 - Announcements
01:56 - To be a Transformation Community
04:22 - Deconstructing what was Familiar
07:53 - The Seed of the Gospel
09:56 - Embracing Hardship
13:20 - The Power of your Testimony
19:28 - Hearing from God
26:23 - The Grace of Being on Purpose
29:26 - God will expose the plots of the enemy
34:18 - Defeat and setbacks were a part of this story
35:34 - God brings us to the places where we can have influence
38:00 - Letting go of our formulas
41:39 - Our life is moved and sustained by God’s purposes.
47:19 - Ministry Time