Fully Alive in Christ
God with Us - Our Hope and our Redemption - Drew Berryessa
December 11, 2022
In the midst of the Christmas Season where seems to be a commingling of both joy and grief, we are reminded that God alone is our hope and our redemption. Let's settle that God is always working in our behalf and that there is not a detail that He is not mindful of and orchestrating for our redemption.

00:00 - The Supremacy of Christ
03:24 - Authority vs Control
05:11 - God Intends Good
06:44 - Our Foundation in the Storm
12:03 - The Nativity Story
16:15 - God is in the Details
18:57 - The Tower of the Flock
26:00 - The Commingling of Grief and Joy
29:03 - Substituting Redemption for Religion
32:24 - In the Context of Communion
35:27 - Becoming Reconciled to God
37:18 - Let Go and Surrender
42:24 - Ministry Time