Fully Alive in Christ
Rhythms of Generosity - Ryan Rhoden
January 8, 2023
Our (broken) idea of prosperity is the accumulation of things, and a “better” life. Biblical prosperity that the life of Jesus brings us into is to prosper in the fruit of the Spirit. "This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples." - Jesus (John 15) To prosper is to grow HEALTHIER (mind, emotions, spirit, body) BY ENCOUNTERING and BECOMING more like Jesus, not to grow a larger bank account. Kingdom finances isn’t about ACCUMULATION, it’s about APPROPRIATION of RESOURCES and STEWARDSHIP!

00:00 - How NOT to give
05:14 - You are free from the Tithe
09:15 - Breaking shame about finances
13:18 - Healthy perspective of Biblical Prosperity
18:42 - What Kingdom Finances is all About
20:48 - Three Ways to Spiritually Prosper in our Finances
29:10 - Stewarding our Perspectives
32:00 - LW Finances