Fully Alive in Christ
Why Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Matters - Kim Butcher
August 7, 2022
We are currently on a journey on emotional health in the context of our spiritual journey. This is based on Peter Scazzero's famous book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. You can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Most of us avoid conflict in the name of Christianity; ignore our anger, sadness, and fear; use God to run from God; and live without boundaries. In this series we will learn biblical integration of emotional health and the spiritual practice of slowing down and quieting our life to experience a fully alive relationship with Jesus, with ourselves, and with others.

00:00 - Announcements
02:00 - Taking authority of our hearts
03:41 - Why this series
05:45 - Stuffing the pain inside of you
11:00 - Paying attention to our indicators
13:14 - What lies beneath the surface
17:25 - Moses or Joshua
22:04 - When pain moves us
24:45 - God is always moving ahead of you
29:38 - Healing and Freedom is available
32:32 - Men, Let it Out
33:21 - Ministry Time