Fully Alive in Christ
God With Us - Our Foundation in the Storm - Ryan Rhoden
December 4, 2022
Throughout Scripture, Jesus is revealed as the promised One who would rescue and redeem humanity - our past, present, and future! This Christmas, we will be celebrating, remembering, and inviting Jesus to be revealed in and through our lives and circumstances as the true God who is WITH US in everything we are walking through this season.

00:00 - What is the Advent Season?
03:04 - Called to a Holy Life
05:01 - Do Not Be Afraid
06:18 - Jesus came to reveal the Father
08:17 - He was the God Above Us
13:17 - To a God With Us
18:27 - To a God Within Us
19:28 - To a God Working Through Us
21:27 - Building our Life in Jesus
30:13 - A Life that can Withstand the Storm
33:45 - Who is the Foundation of Your Life?