Fully Alive in Christ
Spirit-Filled Community - Pentecost Sunday - Ryan Rhoden
June 8, 2022
This great outpouring (of God’s Spirit) - of boldness, power and presence didn’t coincide with everything “going well” for them. It was during government oppression and ongoing political and religious upheaval, confusion, loss, grief and direct persecution WHEN God poured out HIS SPIRIT (breath of life), and set a fire from the kindling of broken plans and people that is still burning today.

00:00 - Intro
03:11 - A River of Living Water
06:30 - When God Chose to Move
10:53 - Even in Tragedy, God is up to something
16:30 - Desperation, hunger, availability
19:30 - Why Acts matters to us in 2022
22:50 - Interwovennes of the Spiritual and the Practical
27:40 - What is a Spirit-filled Community?
32:05 - Worship & Ministry