Fully Alive in Christ
Rhythms of Inheritance - Ryan Rhoden
February 5, 2023
All that God is, accessed by faith in Jesus Christ, and made manifest in us AND around us by the indwelling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit - which we steward for His purposes and glory. We have been made right with our Father through Jesus. And because we have a father? We have an inheritance. One of the most PROFOUND things that took place at the cross, and then in Jesus' resurrection and ascension into Heaven, is the fact that we become joint-heirs with Christ.
00:00 - In Jesus, What do you look like fully alive
01:58 - What having a good Father gives us
06:50 - What will you do with all that you've been give?
11:13 - How are you embodying your inheritance?
12:51 - You are uniquely known and set apart
18:16 - Who is determining your worthiness?
23:05 - You are the only one who can answer this question
25:37 - How the Father pursues you when you're at your worst
31:43 - Serving from Sonship
33:26 - Bringing your messiness to your Father
36:12 - From stages to tables
41:45 - Your life is a kingdom key
44:11 - Acknowledging the difficulty of dreaming with God
47:13 - Ministry Time