Fully Alive in Christ
Restoring Our Identity - Ryan Rhoden
February 20, 2022
Identity is the tangible expression of your faith. Identity does not come as a result of striving, it comes as a result of surrender. If “What comes to mind when you think about God” is the most important thing about you, then what comes to mind when you think about you is a close second. I can tell what you think God is like based on how you treat yourself when you fail, how you respond to others when they disappoint you and/or when life doesn’t go your way. Your view of self, your view of God - all of “you” is a composite of a lot of different factors that create many of your responses subconsciously. To take that a step further, what happened to you, or didn’t happen to you during your formative years, matters greatly. Wounds from our family of origin are a reality. In Christ our family of origin has shifted. But the wounds can still remain. Watch this week's teaching and find out how you can partner with God to break the wounds that are keeping you from fully stepping into who you truly are.