Fully Alive in Christ
Rhythms of Worship - When We Worship Together - Andy Southmayd
February 19, 2023
Let's talk about this strange mystery of worshiping Jesus together in a gathering. Which in case you were wondering, is not perfect, or the best model, or style, or format. We could travel the earth at this very moment and hear and see the nations worshiping God in a million different ways together.
11:42 - Whew, that was strange
17:50 - How it started
23:37 - My Sabbatical
28:12 - It began at Pentecost
32:24 - Rhythms and Practices
33:51 - The Practice of Freedom and Joy
36:17 - The Practice of Belonging
38:27 - The Practice of Burden-bearing
41:18 - The Practice of Unashamed Living
43:31 - The Practice of Being a Voice
48:07 - Responding to the Greatness of God