Fully Alive in Christ
A New Wineskin - Ryan Rhoden
September 4, 2022
You can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Most of us avoid conflict in the name of Christianity; ignore our anger, sadness, and fear; use God to run from God; and live without boundaries. In this series we will learn biblical integration of emotional health and the spiritual practice of slowing down and quieting our life to experience a fully alive relationship with Jesus, with ourselves, and with others.

06:35 - What do you look like fully alive in Jesus?
08:00 - Fully alive means to fully feel
10:25 - What I'm taught vs what I'm experiencing
11:46 - All emotions are indicators
13:27 - Don't dormant the things God wants to defeat
15:06 - Transformed through an Encounter
19:12 - Bringing in a New Wineskin
22:14 - Indicators of an Old Wineskin
24:10 - Stop dying to the things that make you unique